Function declaration

In this exercise we will work with our first JavaScript function. In the code below we create a function named func. This way of creating functions is called function declaration: the keyword function followed by the name of the function and a pair of parentheses. Then follows some JavaScript code wrapped by curly braces.
Notice that we use the return keyword to make the function return a value, in this case a string.
When we create a function in JavaScript, the statement inside the curly braces is exectued only when the function is called. You can call a function by using its name and a pair of parentheses func().
Below, we call our function and assign its return value to the variable result. Then, we log the result. To solve this exercise simply have the console.log() statement log the words hello world.
function func() {
return 'hello';
}; const result = func(); console.log(result);