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Keep your progress forever and across devices

Your progress will be saved on our servers. So you can log in from any device and pick up where you left off. Without PREMIUM, your progress will only be saved locally in your browser's local storage. If you delete your cache or use a different browser or device, it is lost.

Access to exclusive challenges

With JSchallenger PREMIUM you have access to many additional challenges. These challenges cover all levels of difficulty from beginner to advanced.

Unlimited hints

Many challenges offer hints. These hints give you valuable JavaScript knowledge to solve the respective tasks in the best possible way. There are a limited number of hints that you can view for free. However, with JSchallenger PREMIUM, you can access each hint as many times as you want.

See solution if you get stuck

Sometimes, you might want to see a possible solution for a challenge before you solve it. With JSchallenger PREMIUM you can view the creator's solution for all JavaScript exercises.

No advertisements

With JSchallenger PREMIUM, you will not see any advertisements on our website.

Cancel your subscription anytime

You can cancel your subscription at any time from your account dashboard. Your account will stay active for the full month for which you paid. You keep access to all PREMIUM features until the end of the current payment period. For example, if you pay today and cancel right after, you can log in for a full month and use all additional features. Afterwards, your subscription ends.

What users say

Photography of Tobin Shields who sais that JSchallenger is a great tool with Javascript beginner exercises

Tobin Shields

Computer Science Instructor
Seriously awesome Javascript exercises for students
I love this platform for students learning JS, as the challenges start out really easy and are skill focused. The challenges ramped up really well and aligned directly with how I was teaching. This should be an auto-include for any JS course!
Photography of Meet Patel who describes JSchallenger as a great place to solve Javascript problems

Meet Patel

A great place to test your Javascript skills
Unlike other websites, JSchallenger enabled me to thoroughly learn new Javascript concepts. And it gave me the motivation to solve js problems.
Photography of Ken Wenz who sais that JSchallenger makes you improve your Javascript skills

Ken Wenz

Conversion Manager
From Beginner to Intermediate to Pro in a short amount of time
JSchallenger recognizes what skill level you're on and adjusts the difficulty of the next challenges automatically. Making you continuously improve your Javascript skills in a short amount of time
Photography of Mohamed Ibrahim who describes JSchallenger as a very helpful resource for Javascript exercises

Mohamed Ibrahim

Fullstack (MERN) Developer
Great exercises to enhance Javascript skills
JSchallenger is a cool tool to practice most of the primitive and non-primitive data types. It's a very helpful Javascript resource for beginners